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#19) Real Talk – Should Guys Be Afraid To Send Their Girlfriends To Soul Cycle?

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Original Post Date:  March 13, 2017


Okay so Grudge Dave is pretty much dead. I’ve cooled off. Situation sucks. Shit happens. Time to move on. This is not a grudge blog. This is a real life blog. Like the one thing that has opened my eyes during all this is that Soul Cycle is real issue for guys. Like no man can let their significant other take a straight male’s class there. These instructors are looking to fuck. The lights are low, there are candles, the instructors pick the music and everybody is basically naked. It’s a power position for the instructor. Anybody could get laid with that stacked of a deck.  It’s no worse than having your girl go to a male trainer at the gym. You are asking for trouble. Now don’t get me wrong. If your girl goes like mine did maybe she is looking for something too. Either way it’s a HUGE red flag. HUGE. Girls need to take girl instructors or gay instructors or they are probably looking to get laid plain and simple. I learned this lesson the hard way. Soul Cycle is big and only getting bigger. They haven’t responded to any of the claims that their instructors fuck students. They seem to know it and be okay with it. Maybe that’s part of the business model? Who knows? But I’ve had tons of dudes reach out with the same type stories. It’s a debacle over there. So again this isn’t Grudge Dave speaking. This is learn from my mistakes Dave. If your girl goes to a straight male instructor at SoulCycle you better stay woke as fuck cause shit is happening you don’t like.

Reader Email – SoulCycle Has 911 On Speed Dial In Case Barstool Sports Shows Up And Starts Making People Uncomfortable


Reader Email


So for those not following on my personal drama this weekend basically I found out that the girl I was dating (We’ll just call her trashbag) was lying to me for the past two months and had a relationship with her Soul Cycle instructor.   It’s a long sad story that I told in detail on Barstool Radio.  Anyway apparently now SoulCycle is on high alert sending out this memo to the entire company.  Well I’d like to clarify that we never discussed showing up to SoulCycle.   There were never any plans to walk into SoulCycle and ask questions about the “Alleged” activities of one of their instructors.  I’m just insulted they said “alleged” conduct.   Umm there is nothing alleged about it.

This Guy And His Homo Erotic Pez Photoshoot….


+ This Girl And Her SoulCycle Obsession and Weird Definition of Flirting


EQUALS – Pres Cucked


Sidenote the Stoolie have been pounding (no pun intended but intended) SoulCycle’s social media all day.  To the point that both SoulCycle’s instagram and twitter comments were shut down.   Nobody and I mean nobody mobilizes social media after their idiot leader has been cucked more than the Stoolies.  God Bless.

Oh and as much as I despise Trashbag and I really do I’m pretty cool with everything.  She’s trash and I needed a wakeup call.  I wish her the best of luck on all her future endeavors.  Ive stomped and pouted for 24 hours and rightfully so.   Now it’s time for me to move on.  How Gallant Is That? (Unless #GrudgeDave has other ideas)