AOL Instant Messenger Shut Down For Good Today #RIPAIM

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Well I guess this is growing up.

We learned in October that AIM was gtg’ing for good, but now that it’s official, it just feels so wrong. Not that I’ve used AIM since Freshman year of college 10+ years ago, but still. AIM is the greatest form of communication I have ever, and will ever use. We used AIM because we didn’t have cell phones, Facebooks, Twitters, etc. The away message was the original tweet/subtweet. The buddy icon was the original profile picture. And the sound of the door opening and your crush signing onto AIM after school was the original 3 dots.

This one screen was your portal to a place where plans were made, hearts were broken, and friendships were made and lost on AIM. But it was so simple and wonderful all at the same time.

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So while you watch Tex die at Rough n Rowdy tonight, that you can buy from this link right here





also pour one out for ol’ AIM.

And be sure to read my longer ode to everything that was great about AIM, a wonderful blog if I don’t say so myself.