Little Brother Rushes To Help His Sister When She Gets Taken Down During A Wrestling Match

What a hero. The kid saw that his sister was in trouble and he jumped into action. I wish he would’ve dropped an elbow on the other girl or drop kicked her but he’s still a hero. That kid is good for life by the way. He won’t realize it for a couple more years but that move is going to pay unlimited dividends down the road. He couldn’t have scripted a better clip. He’s gonna be able to whip out that clip at any time over the course of his lifespan and have girls melt into his arms. A brother protecting his sister plays. It plays in a big big way. “Oh have I not shown you the time I adorably rushed the mat during a wrestling match when my sister was losing? My instincts kicked in and I just knew I needed to protect her” and boom, he’s set. He’ll need to have that saved to whatever version of the iPhone is out at the time he’s going through high school. Trust me.