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Egyptian Pop Singer Gets Two Years in Jail for Suggestively Eating a Banana

BBCA court in Egypt has reportedly jailed for two years a singer who appeared in a music video in her underwear while suggestively eating a banana.

Shaimaa Ahmed, a 25-year-old known professionally as Shyma, was arrested last month after the video sparked outrage in the conservative country.

On Tuesday, she was found guilty of inciting debauchery and publishing an indecent film, local media said.

The video’s director was also sentenced to two years in prison in absentia.

Shyma had apologised before her arrest to people who took the video for the song, I Have Issues, “in an inappropriate way”.

“I didn’t imagine all this would happen and that I would be subjected to such a strong attack from everyone,” she wrote on her now-deleted Facebook page.

Boo hoo, Shyma. Boo fricking hoo. Go cry me a Nile. Don’t give us this I had no idea people would be so upset crap. What did you expect would happen when you engage in such debauchery? “Took in an inappropriate way”? How else are the decent, conservative people of your great land supposed to take this?


And this?


Sorry, lady. But you can’t expect to pour white liquid on things and put them in your mouth without expecting you’re going to inflict permanent damage to the population. I mean, just look at what that banana stunt did to these poor grown men who seem to be construction workers but are inexplicably in your class:


Just look at the lust in their eyes. You can’t expect them to handle such raw and suggestive material without turning into the devil himself. And what exactly was this supposed to mean that is in anyway “appropriate”?


Poisoning minds with “69” jokes? That might be fine with the Great Satan over in the U.S., but it’s not gonna fly in Egypt, sister. Sure, we live in a world where everyone is carrying unfettered access to free hardcore porn around in their pocket. But it’s suggestive music videos  that destroy minds and weaken the fabric of society. Two years of suffering in some hellhole prison will straighten you right out. You were asking for it, Shyma. Justice is served.