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Redskins At Chargers - Do It For Thomas Edison - Live Blog

At this point, it’s just heart. I still enjoy football. Still love a bunch of these guys on the Redskins. It’s been a trying year- injuries, underperforming from guys who were supposed to have big roles, and games they should have won ending in L’s. But hey, nothing is impossible, right? We did a school play in like 3rd grade called “The Electric Sunshine Man” about Thomas Edison, and one of the songs was called “Nothing Is Impossible”. I mean I don’t think the Skins can do anything real this year, but we’re gonna Live Blog through it. Because it’s the least we can do. So let’s get a big game from Kirk and Doctson, get some good defense, and start the run to finish this week out strong. It’s what Thomas Edison would have wanted.