Eminem Released A New Song Called 'Untouchable' And It's About White Privilege

Let me start like this. I shit all over Eminem’s first song he released this album “Walk On Water” with Beyonce. I said I hated it cause all he did was rap about how hard it is to rap now after he was so good at rapping for so long. It felt tedious. I simply don’t find it interesting to hear about Eminem struggling

This latest song “Untouchable” does not have that issue. He certainly doesn’t rap about how hard it is to rap. So I at least gotta give him props for that. On “Untouchable” he raps about white privilege and systemic racism. It looks like Em is going full-on into political activist mode after his Trump diss at the BET Awards. Listen, are there important messages throughout the entire song? Absolutely. I’m not gonna annotate the lyrics here but what he says is certainly important. Eminem also isn’t saying anything anyone with a brain doesn’t already know. White privilege and systemic racism exist and guys like Colin Kaepernick have pushed it to the forefront. Eminem speaks about things that are very relevant right now.

My problem is that the song stinks. I listened to it 3 times and I can’t imagine I’ll ever listen to it again. Not cause of the political nature of it. It’s just not a re-listenable(?) song. I’m not saying Eminem should #sticktosports either. Eminem, just like everybody else, is free to use his platform however he sees fit. I actually like him speaking out on these matters but the song stinks. It just does. Not to mention it should be two songs. Over 6 minutes for a song in 2017 is preposterous. Bottom line. I’m glad Eminem is using his voice but the song flat stinks. No two ways about it.