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Donald Trump Started His Thanksgiving Eve Nice And Early By Taking Shots At LaVar Ball On Twitter


Look at longtime EMTC member Donald Trump getting things started before the sun rises on one of the biggest Mailtime days of the year. Impressive! Most of us are at the very least taking it easy today and at most taking the day off altogether as we prepare to drink tonight then gorge ourselves and watch football through various states of sleep tomorrow. But not Grudge Donald. He is out in these Twitter streets riding on his enemies. Now Trump is comparing LaVar Ball to Don King, which is kind of weird because I remember Trump and King being allies as recently as last year.


I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be an insult or what, but every time Trump mentions LaVar Ball’s name, the Big Baller Brand chalks it up as a W. To be fair, I also thought Don King died this year. Then again, I’m pretty sure Don King is dead in everyone’s mind until he shows up on the news again. This could also be a subtle hint that Trump, LaVar, and Don King may reveal themselves as an alliance as early as Thanksgiving. I’m honestly not sure. I don’t know where real life ends and the WWE begins anymore.

As for the tweets, I hate that Trump went away from calling LaVar “The Father” because I always read it in the Peter McCallister Talkboy voice from Home Alone 2.

Credit card? You gottttt ittttt. At least The Donald ended his mini-thread with “Ungrateful fool” which I would hope everyone on the planet read in Mr. T’s voice. If not, go back and do it so you can get a little chuckle.

This feud is only going to get more drawn out and annoying, but as long as LaVar’s name stays in the headlines, it only helps the BBB. Only in America! I don’t think LaVar even said anything bad about Trump during that CNN interview. He just wanted proof that The Donald helped out with LiAngelo before he said Thank You. And I don’t know if Trump is getting his Ball sons confused or what, because I don’t think LiAngelo will ever see an NBA contract unless Lonzo has his contract hung up on a wall in a frame. Whatever. I’m not gonna try and figure out the thinking patterns of Donald Trump and LaVar Ball. The only thing beat in sports that is more exhausting to cover than the Zeke Elliott Suspension beat is the Trump vs. LaVar Beef beat. But blog don’t sleep and I need to get every dollar I can get in order to pay for Christmas this year. Especially if Stoolies bankrupt Portnoy on Black Friday.