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Russia's Ministry Of Defense Tried To Use Video Game Footage To Show That America Was Helping ISIS


Russia’s Ministry of Defense has provoked a torrent of mockery from its own followers after it published “irrefutable evidence” that the U.S. is in league with the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) that turned out to be footage from a 2015 video game.

Russia, which has backed Bashar al-Assad during the war in Syria, has often been critical of U.S. operations there, repeatedly claiming that U.S. forces are at best ineffectual at fighting ISIS or at worst in cahoots with jihadist groups.

Fuckin Russia, man. I understand getting duped online. There once was a video on the internet of a hawk dropping a snake on a group of picnickers. The snake flies into the camera and havoc ensues.


Well, it turns out that the video was fake! Very troublesome.

I think this is what happened here. I do not believe that Russia would ever mislead people by uploading a video ripped from the internet and post it off on Twitter in order to make people believe that America was helping ISIS. That’s crazy talk, right? They would never do that. Not our pals the Russians.

They believed that the video that they got from Youtube was real, intercepted footage of a drone strike on a convoy. No question about it. It can be very confusing even if you are one of the highest invested intelligence countries in the world. To help them out some, here’s what real drone video looks like. This is the stuff the military doesn’t want you to see.