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Today I Learned That Slow Motion Reactions To Getting A Bikini Wax Looks Just Like People Orgasming

*Waxing begins at 2 minute mark*

I don’t know if it’s because I was without power or privacy for the last 36 hours or what, but this video did something for me. No not in a sick, twisted, demented way. But in a “Wow, people really do flaunt their O-Face when they are having hair torn from their body in a quick, violent fashion”. I mean literally every single person looked like they were getting their rocks off instead of getting some hair ripped off. If we played the long running game Is This An Orgasm Or A Bikini Wax, you would be guessing orgasm every single time. 1.000 batting average. I don’t care if it’s Hipster Guy with the double earrings like Bad Boy Nate


Bizarro Smitty

Braces Girl (who makes you feel kind of strange, but mostly because she is too old to have braces)

Or this chick, who not only flaunted a perfect orgasm face

But completed the action by appearing to enter the refractory period

If I didn’t watch the video with my two eyes, I would have said that girl 10000000% had sex on that table. A visual version of the Sex Or Weight Lifting skit from Adam Sandler’s third album.

The lesson of all this? I guess the line between pleasure and pain is a very thin one, which explains some of the shit Feitelberg has talked about doing on KFC Radio. Maybe those guys should do a bikini wax for #content. I would volunteer to do it because I would love to feel like a boy again. But that shit looks WAY too painful at regular speed and I just was in a video doing something I swore I would never do because I am a big ol’ pussy.

And of course Internet Law makes me include the iconic 40 Year Old Virgin scene waxing scene.