The Internet Is Mad At Adam Sandler For Touching Claire Foy's Knee On The Graham Norton Show

Independent- Apparently Adam Sandler didn’t get the memo: touching people without their consent is not ok, even if you mean it as a “friendly gesture”.

The actor has come under fire for placing a hand on Claire Foy’s knee – twice – while telling an anecdote on the Graham Norton Show, despite her making a clear sign for him to remove it. Claire Foy’s spokesperson revealed that she had not been offended by the event.

Nonetheless, Sandler’s actions are a telling indicator of a casual indifference to another woman’s personal space (whether or not, as some point out, he also touched Dustin Hoffman’s knee on another television show).

Sandler, to be very clear, has not been accused of anything improper other than invading a woman’s personal space on a chat show, and the woman in question was reportedly not too bothered. But he should get with the programme. It’s not OK to touch someone, to move too closely to anyone, to presume you have the right to dominate someone’s personal space. Long gone are the days when women will accept the kind of old school “gentleman” that holds open the door for you with one hand and slaps your bum with the other.

This is the one, folks. This is the “incident” that changed everything. From this point forward, it is not possible for men and women to physically touch each other unless it’s behind closed doors, a consent contract has been signed, and both parties’ parents are witnessing the event via facetime to make sure it’s all gravy. If ADAM SANDLER, the friendliest, touchiest man in Hollywood, is creating a furor for touching Claire Foy’s knee to acknowledge her Golden Globe win, well, we might as well throw in the towel. And by that I mean stockpile all the towels you have because it’s masturbation and masturbation alone, from today until the end of time.

What’s crazy to me is that Claire Foy responded to the incident and just said, hey guys, chill out. This was fine. And even with that said, some people are still flipping a shit. Choose your battles, internet. By calling for action against an Adam Sandler knee squeeze, you dilute the cause of real inappropriate sexual advances. Don’t lump this in with the Harvey Weinstein backlash. Equating this innocuous gesture with the nightmare that Harvey Weinstein inflicted upon dozens of women is irresponsibly self-serving; forcing someone to watch you jerk off into a plant is a slightly larger infraction than touching someone’s knee on a talk show.


Even the Gaza Boat Convoy weighed in:

Yikes! Not sure religion has anything to do with it, Gaza. But shamelessly appropriating SCANDALS to suit your cause is so savage that I can’t hate. That’d be like me saying, “Kevin Spacey assaulting a kid and coming out as gay is just another example of us needing better sunscreen. WHEN WILL THIS ISSUE COME TO THE FORE OF OUR NATIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS? WHEN WE WILL WE WAKE UP?!”

Having said that, I don’t like it when people touch me unless I’m rolling on ecstasy. Touchy neighbors are fucking brutal. And they usually talk too close to your face too. Back. The. Fuck. Up. You smell and your thoughts are a swirl of chaotic madness polluting the flow of conversation.

PS- I’ve never done ecstasy. But a guy I know…