Director Rian Johnson Describing Working On The Next Star Wars Is Chill Inducing

I know that every time I blog something related to Star Wars I talk about getting a boner or cumming myself or crying hysterically about the joy this franchise has brought into my life, but this clip right here…this is special. I’m not a religious dude at all, so Star Wars is probably the closest thing I’ve got to that, and Rian Johnson describing stepping onto the Millennium Falcon is like someone talking about going to heaven and coming back. I know it’s just plywood and paint and foam, but…it’s the fucking Millennium Falcon. Kevin Smith got to grace the freighter while The Force Awakens, and practically had an out of body experience:

This featurette just further instills my trust in Rian Johnson, because more than anything, he cares. That’s what matters the most. You wanna come out with a new Wars flick every year? Alright, maybe that’s overkill, but just put these flicks into the hands of people that care. That’s all I ask.

I really just love how happy this silly shit makes the people that care, man. I watched Empire Strikes Back last night for the billionth time and still lose it when Han Solo hits Leia with the “…I know.” It’s gotta be the most gangster thing ever said in a movie. Oh, and when they’re ambushed by Vader and Solo don’t give a fuck and he immediately fires at him. Oh and how about – actually I’m gonna cut this blog off right here so I don’t start babbling about every intricate detail in that movie.