Joe Girardi Will Officially Not Be Returning As The Yankees Manager Next Year

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This sucks man. I wanted him back, as did most of you I assume. Joe Girardi is one of the best managers in all of baseball. That’s just a fact. Yes, he can micro-manage to the point of driving us insane and he had that gigantic fuck-up in the Indians series. But at the end of the day he’s very good at his job. Just off the top of my head I’d rather have Terry Francona, Joe Maddon, and Bruce Bochy as my manager before him and that’s really it. That’s how much I value Girardi.

From what I gather, upper management did not want him back and gave him a low-ball fuck you offer. Joe scoffed at it and had enough of this whole circus. Cashman and Joe did not see eye to eye on certain things and with both their contracts up, it appears Cashman won out. Now reports are coming out that his has been a big issue all year long between the two.

You saw during the Indians series how the media, including myself, turned on him as he single handily blew Game 2. What happened after was this young bunch rallying behind their manager and comeback to win a series against one of the best teams in baseball. You got to see guys like Todd Frazier and Aaron Judge speak out about how they had Joe’s back and knew he took a lot of this on himself. When you see players do that, it gives you an idea of what the clubhouse vibe is like. When I look at what my baseball manager should be doing, I’d say 75% is creating a great clubhouse vibe and gelling your players together as a team. From my understanding, Joe did that very well. It really sucks to see him go, especially after such a magical year.

So now what? I half-joked half-dreamed about A Rod taking over, but in reality that ain’t happening. Some names that could come up in discussion are Don Mattingly, Jason Giambi (my hope), Robbie Thomson(ew), Paul O’Neill, Kevin Long, Mike Harkey (Frankie Borrelli’s guy), as well as anyone else that wants to manage a young, exciting, up and coming team. The Yankees managerial job hasn’t been this coveted in some time. You have a great crop of young super stars, a dynamite bullpen, a fantastic farm system, and money to spend on incoming free agents. I mean you’re walking into an exceptional situation any way you spin it. My gut says that the next guy will be in-house in some aspect and basically will be controlled by the strings of Brian Cashman. You can also expect Girardi to head to DC and manage the Nats next year.

P.S. If the names Brad Ausmus or Dusty Baker pop up I’ll freak the fuck out

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