Lonzo Ball Has To Disown His Dad Before His Dad Gets Him Killed

Andddddd I think we can RIPIP Lonzo Ball. This is a grown man’s league. You have absolute monsters out on the court. Guys like Draymond Green, Russell Westbrook, and Jimmy Butler who won’t take shit from anyone. Guys who will go out there and purposely make an example out of rookies like Lonzo Ball. It’s bad enough LaVar was yapping previous to Lonzo being in the league. It was all fun and games when he was at UCLA, but this is a whole different animal. Lonzo is now playing against guys who can eat him for breakfast, and LaVar will eventually get him killed.

Saying “Lonzo ain’t losing again, not in the same week” when John Wall is about to roll into town is a recipe for murder. It’ll be right there, in plain sight. The worst beating since Rodney King. The Lakers are going to have to have Magic cough in Lonzo’s mouth just to save him from the pain. Lonzo is going to have no idea what hit him. John Wall isn’t here to play nice. And with LaVar yapping away, that will only fuel him more.

Imagine if LaVar keeps up this charade. Lonzo is going to have to release a statement disowning his father. Going into a new city, night in and night out, with a bulls eye on your chest as a 19 year old rookie is not great for business. It’s going to be a disaster. Every superstar in the league is going to try and be the guy to expose and embarrass him. Lonzo and the Lakers have to separate themselves before it’s too late.