70-Year-Old Lady Credits Regular Urine Facials For Helping Her Continue To Look Young

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Yahoo- Pensioner Stella Rafini is frequently asked how she maintains her youthful looks. And her answer is surprising. The 70-year-old swears by regular urine facials. Rafini first discovered the miracle ingredient when she developed a ‘strange’ rash during a trip to India. She was advised to dab urine on the area and it soon vanished. And after continuing the ritual back home, she hasn’t developed blemishes since. However, she was sadly diagnosed with skin cancer back in April. Thankfully, she made a full recovery and believes her healthy lifestyle and unique skincare regime is responsible. However, urine is not the first unusual ingredient the sex therapist has given a go, as she has been known to have sperm facials in the past. Stella said: “Urine is actually one of the best cures. People think of urine as something that is dirty but it is not. It is your own DNA and that is what makes it so powerful.”

Yeah, I’ll just stick to my normal aging process. I’m okay  Props to this lady for finding the piss fountain of youth but I’d prefer to not do this. It’s not that I don’t wanna stay as handsome as I am now forever. Of course I do. I am extremely attractive. It would be great to stay this attractive for as long as possible. It’s that I don’t want to explain to people how I’ve been able to stay young. That is far and away the worst part about receiving urine facials on a regular basis. Sure, flooding your pores with piss seems like an embarrassing thing but, like anything else, you probably get used to it. I feel like you’d never get used to telling people about it. I never wanna find myself in this scenario:

Other person: Oh my god, Trent! You’re gorgeous! You look like you haven’t aged a day in 30 years! Aren’t you like 65 years old? How do you keep yourself looking so young?

Me: MONSTER pisses to the face. Just an unreal amount of piss touches this face regularly.

That doesn’t sound like fun at all. This lady seems to have embraced her role. That’s great and I’m happy for her. It sounds like she might even do a speaking circuit talking about regularly covering her face in piss. Good for her. That ain’t the life for me. I’d much prefer to have Father Time snatch my boyish good looks away as God intended.