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The Kentucky Fried Chicken Twitter Account Follows 6 Guys Named Herb And 5 Spice Girls........Get It?

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God damn it. I hate how excited this made me. I am extremely easy to please. I’m on record saying that I’m sick and tired of corporate and branded Twitter accounts trying to be cute on social media but this hit me right in the g-spot (giggle spot). Clever AF. My only question is, how long has the KFC account been following 6 Herbs and 5 Spice Girls? How long did it take for people to notice? Because imagine you’re the guy who came up with this clever idea. You put it into action……..and then you wait. And you wait. And you wait and wait and wait and wait. That had to be an excruciating wait. You have this great idea and then it’s up to the internet populous to figure it out. Contrary to popular belief, I think the internet is smart as fuck. Well maybe not smart as fuck but it’s a numbers thing. There’s so many people on the internet that someone was bound to stumble upon this. Even with that said though, I wouldn’t have noticed it if you gave me a trillion years.

Part of me thinks the Twitter account who finally discovered it is also the guy who runs the KFC account. He or she got sick and tired of waiting for one of us to figure it out so he did it himself and posted it to Reddit. It eventually got to the point where they were like, “These fucking morons are never gonna figure it out. Here, I will spoon feed it to them.” Either way, I’m impressed.

PS- I’m still in love with Baby Spice and so are you

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