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Do People Realize That Dan Snyder Just Created The Greatest Loophole In Racism Since "It's Cool I Have A Black Friend"?




This is the letter Snyder sent out last night saying he’s keeping the Redskins name but starting a Native American charity



So Nate just blogged this and obviously had to take a rational, reasonable approach to what he wrote because it’s his team and he has to deal with Dan Snyder everyday as an owner. Well not me. I got no dog in this fight and therefore I see only positives here. Dan Snyder just re-invented racism. Want to be inconsiderate? Want to be ignorant to racial minorities? Go for it, just give a little money and you basically get to say and do whatever you want. It’s “don’t worry, I have a black friend” 2.0. It’s fucking brilliant. Dan Snyder is a racist innovator. I can say whatever I want to whoever I want as long as I have the proper receipts to back it up. Fucking free for all baby. Let’s roll.