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Eddie O Getting A Standing O After Making His Return To The Broadcast Booth Is Your Feel Good Moment Of The Day

And that right there is the beauty of sports, folks. I’d say it’s the only community in the world where people genuinely care about one another. Like I can sit here on my computer and write 5 blogs per day about how much I hate Sidney Crosby. But if anything were to ever seriously happen to the guy, I’d turn around and write 5 blogs per day about how much I’m rooting for him to come back. There are rivalries in sports. There is plenty of bad blood between teams and fans and players and everything. It’s a passionate hatred that keeps us coming back for more. But the moment you take the jerseys away, everybody is on the same team. It doesn’t matter if Eddie Olczyk is a former Blackhawk or a former Maple Leaf or a former Winnipeg Jet or a former Penguin or a former whatever. The man was diagnosed with a disease that has impacted everybody’s life in one way or another, and everybody is in his corner now, cheering him on to beat this son of a bitch.

I don’t know. I could be wrong. But it just seems like sports are the one thing left that don’t try to politicize tragedy, and instead of using bad news as a way to separate people more, brings them together. Anyway, here’s to hoping Eddie O keeps kicking ass in his battle and here’s to hoping we get a few more national appearances from him this season. It’s maybe a little selfish to hope he gets better so we can get him back in the booth with Doc on a regular basis. But listening to Doc and Eddie on a Wednesday Night Rivalry broadcast is like listening to my two dads call the game. Listening to Doc and Milbury is like listening to my dad and my drunk uncle who everybody in the family hates. So keep kicking ass, Edzo. We need you.