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Hey Kid. You Wanna Try Some Smelling Salts? All The Cool Kids Are Doing It

You want to know what gets a bad rap? Peer pressure. Honestly, peer pressure is the best thing ever invented. Without peer pressure there would be nothing but a bunch of nerds running around the world with their arms straight down at their sides (what’s up with that?). But thanks to peer pressure, you have the high school senior Matt Martin out here corrupting the freshman Mitch Marner. Little Mitchy boy comes into school his first day all wide-eyed and innocent. All of a sudden he gets invited by Matty Marts to hang out one day after school. He doesn’t want to be labeled as a dork. This is high school, he thinks to himself. It’s a chance to reinvent himself from little Mitchy to Marns. So he happily obliges to hang out with Matt Martin after school. He and all of his friends are hanging out at the park ripping smelling salts. They ask Mitch if he wants a hit. He knows that his mom told him to stay away from smelling salts. He knows that he could get in trouble. But for the first time in his life, he can be one of the cool kids. So he takes his first rip of the salt and just like that, his life is changed forever. Fast forward to a year later and now here they are. Matt Martin has to repeat senior year. Legend has it that this is his 3rd time repeating. Marns is a sophomore and the biggest smelling salt head in school. They’re best friends and even have a sick little secret handshake. Mitch Marner is no longer a dweeb, and it’s all thanks to peer pressure.

And I know this was just a quick little clip but there’s still so much to break down from this smelling salt sesh. A couple of my favorite moments.

1) This 3rd go-around for Marner where you could tell it was really starting to kick in. Yeah, that’s the good shit.


2) Obviously the handshake.

Having a secret handshake with the boys is probably the highest form of friendship. There are people who go their entire lives without having a secret handshake with somebody else. But when you have one with a friend, that’s the kind of bond that can never be broken. I bet Matt Martin and Mitch Marner could end up not seeing each other for 50 years. Then on the day that they finally reunite 50 years later, they hit this handshake and it’s like they haven’t missed a single beat.