SmackDown Recap - Sami Zayn And Kevin Owens Are Little Shits & Jinder Mahal Wants Brock Lesnar

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Hello and welcome to the weekly SmackDown recap! Before I get into the show, let me remind you that we covered EVERYTHING that went down last night on today’s From The Top Rope, so if you’re looking for a more in depth discussion, check out that episode. It’s nearing two hours long and features an awesome interview with Dave Lagana, a former writer on Friends, who worked as a writer for the WWE, Ring of Honor, TNA, and is now the Vice President of the National Wrestling Alliance, working alongside Billy Corgan to bring the wrestling business, which he feels is stuck in 1998, to 2017.


Alright, SmackDown!

I am the biggest Steenerico fanboy in the world. When they reunited at Hell in a Cell, I had a “gasp for the ages”, followed by a mark out that involved me literally jumping up and down. That being said, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens were being so ugly in this segment. I mean, I love it, they’re not concerned with being the “cool heels”, they want people to hate them. Mission accomplished here. I was sitting on my damn couch getting mad at them for being so mean to Daniel Bryan, and as Bryan Alvarez pointed out: the WWE has been doing a FANTASTIC job of building up Daniel’s return to in-ring action that they…uh, won’t be hosting. Sami Zayn’s subtly in the heel role is fantastic as well, most notably changing his hat from gray to black. Like Luke in Return of the Jedi. Amazing.

This six-woman tag was okay. Kinda just…there. Lana selling a dive that she wasn’t catching was a sight to see.

Sin Cara. Hasn’t wrestled on television since July 4th. He’s spent almost 4 months away, completely active on live events, but kept off TV. Does one interview with these idiots, though…


…and he’s beating the United States Champion on SmackDown. Coincidence? I think not. #GrappleFuckBump

This fuckin’ hack fraud Jinder Mahal challenged Brock Lesnar to a match at Survivor Series and they’re gonna do it because they’re assholes who have a personal vendetta against me apparently. I ripped this to shreds on From The Top Rope, I can’t do it again here. Go listen to the episode. He stinks. Worst wrestler to ever hold that title. save_us.aj

Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler ran back the Hell in a Cell match, and in my opinion, delivered more here than at the pay per view. BUT, they gave us the same fingers in the butt, tights pulling finish, deflating my excitement for the in-ring action. Why is that what this feud is based on? Meh. At least the match was good! Keep an eye on Dolph Ziggler, because he contract that he was rumored to be not renewing, is up at the end of the month.


Our main event of the evening was an awesome tag team match between Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn and Randy Orton/Shinsuke Nakamura. What was really noticeable for me here was Randy Orton’s actual effort in this match. he’s been phoning it in for quite some time, but he went all in, bumped great, sold great, and was the main component of the exciting finishing stretch. Sami Zayn hitting him with a low blow/Helluva Kick to finish him off and celebrating like a happy little boy while Owens sang his theme was hysterical, too.

That’s it for SmackDown! RAW has TLC coming up on Sunday, so I’ll get you guys a preview of that later this week, but as always, rate, review, and subscribe to From The Top Rope.