Would It Be A Let Down If The Philadelphia Eagles Didn't End Up As The Number 1 Seed In The NFC?

What. A. World. Screw being happy with .500. Forget about satisfaction about making the playoffs. This team has a potential golden brick road straight to home field advantage and the Super Bowl. The Eagles sit at 5-1. The Eagles remaining opponents are 14-24. They’re undefeated in the conference (3-0) and in the NFC East (2-0), which means tiebreakers ahoy. Would it be a disappointment if this team didn’t clinch homefield advantage? Because right now the path to Minnesota marches right through South Philly.

There’s no denying the Eagles are playing their balls to the bone. I will give Doug Pederson and co. all the credit in the world for having these guys go all-out not just every week, but every down. But are they really THAT great of a team to be considered the best in the NFC? Probably not…yet. However, nobody else is exactly stepping up to the plate to become the best in the conference.

The defending NFC champion Falcon are shitting themselves at home to the apathetic Jay and the Dolphins. The Packers are now without Aaron Rodgers, and barely are a legal football team without him. The Seahawks have experience, but have obviously faltered. Dallas Sucks. The Lions, Vikings, Saints, Rams, and Panthers have shown gusto, but are very beatable. I hate bringing back the “Why not us?” saying, but for real, why not fucking us?

The decision making with the coaching still kind of worries me, but they’re winning. I can DEFINITELY see a Doug Perderson going full magoo and making mistakes that’ll have the Philly sports talking heads going bananas for years. But right now you can’t exactly question what works. Plus they’ve got the leaders on the field to take them anywhere. Carson Wentz, in his second short year, is already being talked about for for MVP consideration. That’s incredible. Malcolm Jenkins is the closest thing to Brian Dawkins the Eagles have had since, well, Brian Dawkins.

So, yeah. Why not us? Let’s get it this Monday at home vs. Washington. First the Division. Next, the conference. Then the world.