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World's Biggest Todd Gurley Fan Breaks Down In Tears After Learning He's Going To The Game

Well, shit, if that’s not the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is. The kid thinks he’s going to a food show, whatever that may be, but as it turns out, he’s actually going to beautiful Jacksonville, Florida to see his hero, Todd Gurley play live. I wish I could go back to a time when I cared enough about literally anything to be excited about it, nevermind cry out of happiness.

I can’t get excited about anything anymore- vacation just means paying a bunch of money to blog from a different location with a bad sunburn. Going to a game means paying a bunch of money to get borderline blacked out and feel like death for the next 4 days. I kinda like going to concerts, but I never know what to do at concerts. Unless you go with a girl (lol) it’s sort of awkward cause you’re kinda just standing there swaying back and forth, and/or you’re borderline blacked out and feeling like death for the next 4 days. The only thing that genuinely brings me pure happiness and excitement these days is free money. When grandma writes me a check, or that time I sold a ton of Dwight Schrute Christmas sweaters and got a bonus. Besides that, life is basically a bunch of inconveniences with little burst of happiness here and there, like free money or taking a 5 home from the bar.

So good for this kid. Watching him explode with happiness made my heart grow 3 sizes. I also love how the mom is very clearly equally excited, and the dad is starting to feel a bit uncomfortable with the entire thing. All in all, a good video, and you know now that it’s gone viral, this kid is going to be stunting on the sideline with Todd Gurley before next week’s game.