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Is Picking Up A Grown Man And Carrying Him Backwards 12-Yards The Most Disrespectful Thing You Can Do On A Football Field?

Now, Taylor Gabriel isn’t exactly Ndamukong Suh. He’s only listed at 5’8″, 165 lbs, but that almost makes it worse here. His whole life he’s been told he’s too small to make it in the NFL. He’s always been overlooked. No way he can take the physical punishment required to last at this level. A guy who was cut by the Browns just to latch on with the Falcons and become a contributor to a team that nearly won a Super Bowl. He thought he was in the clear. That he was finally accepted. Just another guy in the League.

That was true, until Kiko Alonso stopped him dead in his tracks, caught him smooth out of the air and walked him backwards twelve (12) yards before placing him back to the ground safe and sound. Outrageously disrespectful. I’m surprised Kiko didn’t pat Taylor on the head and send him off to bed like the Grinch did to Cindy Lou Who (in the animated one, not the Jim Carey one, though both are delightful.) I’ve seen people struggle more carrying cases out of water from their car to their house after a trip to the grocery store than Kiko did carrying this professional athlete.

This had to have been a worse feeling than getting cut by the Browns.