Prankster Gets Knocked Out After Asking Guys To "Kiss His Ass"

Knockout at 2:30





You know what kills this video for me, the fact that this is EXACTLY what this kid wants. That’s basically all these videos are. Lets go around asking black guys questions that we know will make them mad hoping they get so angry they use violence. And then it happened, and he was SO happy about it. That ruins it. I want him to get knocked out, but I want it to be one of those knock outs where he’s convulsing and has a seizure and shits his pants and can’t use the left side of his body for the rest of his life, you know really get what he deserves. Is that bad? Does that make me a bad person? Not that I care, more asking questions out loud right now.





If this video somehow turns out to be fake I want all of the Simple Misfit people to die.