Drunk And Happy Jon Lester Is The Best Jon Lester

Jon Lester is a grown ass man. I love it. He doesn’t give one FUCK about being loaded on air and letting his thoughts n’ feelings fly. Just a reckless display of what $155,000,000 contract and a career of postseason success can do for a guy. I would pay good money for someone to tell him to tone it down in that moment. This is a man with a lot of quiet rage built up and again it’s AWESOME.

Also, I love how hard the Cubs got after it last night. I would have barfed if they were all business… this one’s fun but we have more baseball left kinda shit. No thanks. I want champagne baths and beer bongs and real bongs and all that stuff. Loosen up the ties, get the strippers going and have some good old fashioned fun. That’s what it’s all about.

As for the Dodgers I bet they went out for a nice team sushi dinner after beating the Diamondbacks. Probably followed it up with some ice cream and a stroll through Venice Beach. And I bet a max of 8-10 players actually showed up and half of those fucking losers probably came late/left early. Just a soft organization with no identity. Also, last call at California bars is at like 10pm and that’s just disrespectful to our country. Your grandfathers didn’t fight Hitler for an early close and I’ll be damned if the Cubs don’t make LA pay for it.

Cubs in 5.