Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie Decided To Leave Practice Early Today And Has Been Suspended By The Giants

Well my teams have officially hit the trifecta! First Derrick Rose no-showed a Knicks game, then Matt Harvey bailed on a Mets game, and now DRC just straight up left practice like poof, vamoose, son of a bitch. It’s hard to win anything when even the players don’t want to be at the games or practice. Cuncel 2017, put it in a bag of rice, shoot into the sun, say “This is fine” next to a cup of coffee as flame engulf your eyeballs, and any other meme/phrase you want to use. What a fucking disaster of a year for Mets + Giants gypsy fans.

And the sad shit is I can’t even really blame DRC. He probably saw the Giants receiving corps looking more rag tag than the Little Giants along with Landon Collins and Olivier Vernon not practicing and figured it would be more fun to sit at home suspended playing Madden then traveling to the thin air of Denver only to get his dick kicked in by the Broncos.

Sometimes when media outlets say a coach has lost the locker room, it seems like it may be a bit of a stretch by the media. But when a starter just up and leaves, that is a roughhhhh look for Ben McAdoo and his jinxed haircut. Like not even make it to the 2nd half of the season bad. ESPECIALLY if this turns out to be true.

This music is usually reserved for the Mets and Knicks, but it sounds like the Giants may be blaring over their speakers right now.

I always say if the teams I blog about aren’t going to be good, at least let them be entertaining. But with this year’s Giants team, I’m actually kind of scared of what that could lead to. This all feels very Jetsy and I don’t know if there are any snuff films Benny Mac can show the team that will get them back on track. Maybe we should just ship Eli to Jacksonville and let him enjoy a competitive team again while the Giants devolve into a tire fire, with hopefully the number 1 pick and a new front office and coaching staff as their consolation prize.


It was all good just a few months ago…