Hello My Name Is Barstool Nate And I Just Paid Off The Last Of My Student Loans

Holddddd up wait a minute…..

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It’s lit!!!!

I did it fam. As of today, October 10, 2017, a mere 7 years after I graduated from the prestigious University of Maryland, my student loans are no more. It’s an amazing feeling, I tell you. What a journey it’s been. 5 years ago I was paying back my student loans while making $35,000 a year at my cube job in New York City, literally losing money month to month because of loans and rent and cost of living in NYC while making no money doing a pointless job, and today I work at Barstool Sports, the greatest problematic Internet company in the world, paying off the remainder of my student loans in one fell swoop.

For those wondering how I managed to do it, here’s how: I put all my extra money to paying off student loans (and my Roth IRA and various stocks, but that’s neither here nor there). Remember when all the homies bought the Christmas sweater last Thanksgiving and I got the t-shirt bonus for selling so many? That bonus went to student loans. When I made some extra scratch final tabling poker tournaments? Student loans. So many people I know get a job and a paycheck and just blow through their money on either a new car or an apartment they can’t afford or vacations every 3 months- pay off them student loans dawg! That interest will eat you alive! I would make mass payments whenever I felt good about it, $1,000 here, $3,000 there, $500 every so often. Didn’t go out one weekend because you were sick? Throw it at your Stafford. You’ll make more money paying off your loans than you will keeping it in a savings account earning .01% interest.

So now I’m 29 years old and every penny I make goes to ME. ME, ME, ME! SUCK IT, PARIAH STUDENT LOAN COMPANIES!!!! On August 29th, 2015 I paid off the remainder of my Sallie Mae loan, and then today I paid off the last of the $10,550.57 that I reference in that blog. Man. That’s fucking awesome.

Finishing off my student loans like