This Dolphins Oline Coach Cocaine, Black Lives Matter, Prego Stripper Case Is the Most Internet Thing Ever

Viva La Internet! Listen I know we’ve blogged this story like 50 times already, but I have to make it 51. This is just the most 2017 Internet story of all time. Like if an alien landed in America today and wanted to be caught up on everthing that is going on in the world I’d just tell it to watch this video and get back to me. This is the America we live in. We got an O-Line coach doing blow. (sidenote I firmly believe all line coaches and strength coaches do coke and every other stimulant available). We have the O-Line coach sending a video to a fucking stripper in Vegas like an absolute moron. We have the stripper releasing the video on social media hours before kickoff to defend Colin Kapernick’s honor and to support Black Lives Matter. There is absolutely no connection between any of the events involved but now a life is now ruined by a pregnant stripper and it all comes back to Colin Kapernick. Like I said……ONLY IN AMERICA!