Connor McDavid Has To Be Cheating. It's The Only Explanation.

That’s the dumbest NHL clip I’ve seen all fucking season. Connor McDavid starts battling for the puck at his own goal line with 12:00 remaining in the period, at 11:54 it’s in the other goddamn net. That’s six seconds, people! Six seconds end to goal while other professional hockey players are trying to slow him down. You know how fast he was traveling at top speed? Twenty five miles per hour. If he was drunk it would be illegal to drive that fast! I can’t really understand how referees haven’t decided that he’s doing something illegal because, clearly, something is amiss. Full ice breakaways aren’t a thing. Perhaps he’s got mini rockets on his feet, perhaps he’s wearing speed skater skates, maybe he’s poisoning other people before the game to make them look slower, I really don’t know, but he’s doing something. That much I’m sure of.