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Is Katie Nolan the Andrew Luck of Sports Media?


And the winner for best made up Emmy award that only has 1 nominee in the category nobody has ever heard of goes to……

So yesterday was a big news day for ESPN. They announced they hired Katie Nolan. They announced a partnership with Cycle. Somebody leaked news that they were creating at PMT show. That’s wrong by the way. Obviously, we are in talks of doing something with ESPN but the details of the Ringer article were wildly inaccurate. Big Cat and PFT are fulltime Barstool guys. They will continue to be fulltime Barstool guys. You don’t buy us out like they bought out FSI and Katie Nolan. We BUY you out. The true ESPN/Barstool announcement will come out and what it means when it’s ready.

But none of that is really here nor there. What’s the deal with Katie Nolan. People were freaking out about her going to ESPN like Bill Simmons or Jon Stewart was going there. People mentioning her in the same breath with Big Cat and PFT? Umm those dudes are bonified superstars. They’ve proven it with everything they touch. But what does she have on her resume? 2 cancelled shows and a fake Emmy in a category I think they invented just for her. That’s it. She’s like Andrew Luck. Everybody says she’s talented but every time she steps on the field she’s throwing INT’s left and right. At what point do you actually have to win games and produce before you are a bust. Because I honestly think if both she and her arch rival Barstool Nate made a video right now Nate would wipe the floor with her. The only difference is the media geeks on twitter have declared Katie Nolan the next big thing and Nate is a spider monkey. But at some point results talk and so far she has none. I do think Katie is very talented, but I thought Andrew Luck was too.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens next in her career, but for now let’s not lump Katie Nolan and Big Cat and PFT in the same sentence. Those guys got rings already.   She still has everything to prove.