This Kid That Can Catch Apples In His Mouth From Any Distance Is My Hero

I’ll admit that I have grown skeptical of every like and retweet I see on Twitter these days after Henry Lockwood got woke on Pardon My Take. But our friend Daniel here deserves every virtual pat on the back he has received for this video and then some. I don’t understand how this video doesn’t have quadruple the number of retweets and an Apple Challenge. You have to have teeth of balls of steel and teeth of adamantium to do that. Because there is no way Daniel catches those apples on the first, second, or tenth try. His face takes more direct hits than Peter North’s girlfriend. I’m impressed when someone can catch a cheese ball in their mouth from more than 10 feet away. Catching apples from like 20 yards is nuts. This kid deserves every hookup and bump in popularity he gets for this video.

Also shout out to the camera man for these videos. Not for the camera work or for giggling like a school girl. But for throwing those apples with such precision. Fuck Montana to Rice or Brady to Moss. I haven’t seen a QB and receiver on the same page since Stone Cold Steve Austin and the guy that used to toss him beers, who just happened to be the best AMA request ever.

Of course Robbie knew exactly who he was.

And now after a little bit of Googling, we have a full breakdown by Stone Cold of the magic behind those beer tosses.

Just for the record, I’m no slouch myself when it comes to catching beers either, especially considering the ones I caught were already open.

Shout out to my brother for the pinpoint precision on those passes, Wifey for impeccable camera work, and Jamie for taking a nut shot and a Stunner like a pro’s pro. Download the Barstool App today! #VivaLaDunkin

P.S. I hope this apple video inspires the return of Dude Perfect.