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At least Dutch Is Getting Better And Said Hi Today

Phils suck, obviously, but happier times are around the corner. Darren Daulton, who had two tumors recently removed from his brain and is still battling brain cancer, had a GREAT interview with Mikey Miss today at 5:15 on 97.5 The Fanatic. Uplifting, funny and inspirational. Beautiful radio all around and worthy of a listen if you’re any sort of Phillies fan. Dutch will be at the Phillies alumni game this weekend and it’s rumored he’ll be out somewhere tomorrow night accessible to the fans somewhere somehow around the city. Wouldn’t mind swinging by where he’s at and buying one of my favorite Phils of all time a nice Light Lager.


BONUS: Nice little story told by Dutch about the ’93 Phils when our Tourette’s Guy, Jim Eisenreich, first came into the clubhouse and met the slob of the century, John Kruk: