Terry Collins Resigns As Mets Manager

And thus ends one of the worst kept secrets in baseball. Cuncel da Collins! Myself and many other Mets fans were at their wits end when the rumors that Fred Wilpon overruled Sandy on firing Terry. But at the end of the day, none of that really matters. This disaster of a season is over along with Terry Collins’ tenure as manager, which also happens to be the longest tenure for any Mets manager ever. That is honestly more a statement about the shitty history of the Mets than Collins’ ability as a manager. Anybody that has read a blog or a tweet about Collins from KFC knows how he drove the fanbase BONKERS with screwing up even the most basic baseball moves. And Weird Haircut Seth could manage a bullpen’s usage better than Collins. Yes he made the World Series in 2015. But he also was giving the ball to a different young stud pitcher almost every night and watched his team’s big trade deadline acquisition turn into Babe fucking Ruth after he landed in Flushing.

I don’t know who the Mets target or where they go from here. They obviously are one of, if not THE most disappointing teams in franchise history. There is a playoff team somewhere in there if everyone stays healthy. Or at least there was until the Mets started selling their veterans off. But still, the Mets luck/ability to stay healthy was comically bad this year.

If this was Clue, you could say that Terry Collins was killed on the baseball diamond by Ray Ramirez with the bootleg medical degree. Luckily for Terry, Ray and Mike Barwis will be the next manager’s problem. As well as the problem of all of us stupid Mets fans that come back for more like flies to a bug zapper. Now Terry probably gets to work for a franchise with executives and players that wanted him fired as a manager. Sounds like fun!

Anyway, during moments like this, I like to remember the good times.


Like when Terry ran out of the room after he told a room full of a reporters that he took out Noah Syndergaard because of elbow discomfort.

When he didn’t give a fuck what MLB said and sprayed Mets fans with champagne.

When a Mets fan smooched the shit out of Terry, which likely led to more than a few “Gee willikers”.


And maybe the smartest move any Mets manager has ever thought of.

Which, to be fair, they actually did.

Smell ya later, Terry. I look forward to what song Frank The Tank will serenade your Mets managerial career with tonight.

P.S. I love the idea of Keith managing next year even though there is more of a chance of me taking the job than him.