The Browns Accidentally Let The World See Their Free Agent Board Yesterday Because They're The Browns




I want to say that this was the Browns playing mind games with the competition, releasing a fake free agent board to send everyone off the scent but unfortunately we all know the truth, these are the Browns, and this 100% happened. The NFL is full of teams who have tighter security than the Pentagon, then you have the Browns. They’re like your friend that keeps leaving his wallet in the cab. Or the old lady who gets her identity stolen because she sent her social security number to a random email address. Just can’t help get out of their own way. Poor Browns, poor poor Browns. At least now we know they’re in the market for the Sex Cannon.






I like the Browns strategy of cutting basically every quarterback they have. Jason Campbell, Brandon Weeden, gone. Try to make fun of the Browns QB situation, you can’t, because they basically don’t have any.