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A "Hells Bells" Giants Hype Video Takes Us Into The Weekend

Hells Bells means different things to different people here at Barstool. For Pres, it means Candice Swanepoel videos as Chrissy Teigen guns for his neck. For PFT, it probably means he is getting drunk off Mad Dog, screaming like Angus, and potentially wearing a schoolboy outfit. And for me it means Giants season is here. Once those bells toll, you know shit is about to go down. It’s obviously Cowboys Week here in Big Blue Country, and while I don’t know if Odell will play, I do know that “All backs run the same when there’s nowhere to run.” We have a defense that when everything is clicking can be the best in the league. A quarterback that has won two Super Bowl MVPs. A receiving corps that is 2nd to none. An offensive line that should be at least better…right? And a head coach with the highest winning percentage of any active coach in the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE.