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Remember Buff Bagwell? Well Yeah, Now He's A Gigolo That Charges $400 An Hour




(Source) Legendary wrestler Buff Bagwell is still trading on his lady’s man image … now, as a gigolo. Bagwell — who was a force in World Championship Wrestling between 1991 and 2001 — has joined Cowboys4Angels … a premium gigolo service targeting lonely and very possibly horny women. Bagwell has appeared on the Showtime hit, “Gigolos,” but he’s not just doing it for the camera.

As for Cowboys4Angels … it provides “escorts” who offer companionship — reading between the lines is highly permissible. The company charges a pretty penny for Bagwell’s services — $800 for 2 hours, $1550 for 4 hours and $3000 for an overnight “visit.”  Weekends are steep — $8K.  And a full week with Bagwell — $25K. The owner of the service — Garren James — tells TMZ, Bagwell is already the second most popular escort on the website … behind Nick Hawk. Bagwell is married, but apparently unlike Robin Thicke, it’s a true open relationship.



You know what, good for Buff. I’m sick and tired of hearing about ex-wrestlers dying, or killing themselves and their young children, or being crippled drugged out messes. It’s a breath of fresh air to finally see one of these guys fall on their feet with a nice respectable gigolo job. Kind of like a light at the end of the tunnel moment. No your life isn’t over when you quit wrestling, there are careers out there, like being a male prostitute and fucking old women so that you can pay your bills.


Couple other quick thoughts.

1. What the fuck is this Gigolo show? Who the hell watches a show about man whores? Bizarre. Is this an equal opportunity thing for Cathouse? Because if it’s between Airforce Amy and Buff Bagwell I’m going with Amy.


2. The fact that Val Venis isn’t part of this the upset of the century.



3. Buff Bagwell officially has the nicest wife in the history of wives.


4. A+ Gigolo facial hair.