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We Are All Witness: Man Sets World Record By Karate Chopping 42 Watermelons In A Minute

I’m a firm believer that everybody is put on this Earth for one reason or another. Some men are born to lead. Others are born to inspire hope and change in a new world. Ron Sarchian? This man was put on this planet to karate chop the shit out of some watermelons. 42 watermelons in 1 minute to be exact. For all you stat nerds out there, that equates to 1 watermelon every 1.43 seconds. He did it righty. He did it lefty. He is truly a master of the craft. And now Ron Sarchian is a World Record holder. You’re damn right his mom is proud of him. It’s every mother’s dream to see their child go out and do great things with their lives. What’s greater than being the best watermelon karate chopper in the entire world? Nothing, that’s what.

P.S. – This might be the most 2017 thing I’ve seen so far this year. A watermelon karate chop world record being deemed “problematic” by idiots on Twitter.

Yeah because when I’m starving the first thing on my mind is “man, I wish I had a big ol’ helping of watermelon right now”. Sorry but I’ve been out on watermelon ever since that episode of Rugrats when Chuckie swallowed a seed.