Tim Cook Just Got An 89 Million Dollar Bonus Cause Apple Is Doing So Well

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BI- Apple CEO Tim Cook has been awarded $89.2 million (£68.8 million) in Apple stock, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday. The 56-year-old chief executive was reportedly given 560,000 Apple shares last Thursday for his recent performance at the iPhone maker. The payout is said to be the largest possible under Apple’s long-term compensation program. It’s the fourth consecutive time he’s received the maximum payout. Cook took over from Steve Jobs in 2011 and he receives annual payouts from a large pot of stock that is set to vest over the course of a decade. About a third of the shares that Cook receives each year are tied to Apple’s relative stock performance against the S&P 500 — an index of 500 large US companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange or the Nasdaq stock market. Apple outperformed at least two-thirds of businesses in the S&P 500 Index over the last three years, according to a regulatory filing seen by Bloomberg. Apple’s share price soared to a record $159.75 (£123.34) earlier this month after Apple beat Wall Street expectations in its third quarter results.

Well that’s a shit ton of money. Serious question though, do you think Tim Cook even knows this happened? Did he feel that cash in his pocket? The obvious answer is yes of course he does but I think it might actually be no. Tim Cook strikes me as a guy who doesn’t give a shit about money.  Not because he already has so much of it but because that’s just how he’s wired. He strikes me as the guy who just works and works and works and works and works and then all of a sudden its been 50 years and he just drops dead one day having not spent any of his money. And I feel like he read this news about him getting an 89 MILLION dollar bonus on his smartphone after he got a news alert and was like, “Well how about that?” and just kept performing whatever technological witch craft him and his peeps do behind Apple’s doors. Keep it up though because I literally don’t use anything that’s not Apple cause I’m the worst.