Did Nerlens Noel Get Offered $70 Million Over 4 Years or Not?

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REAL GMNerlens Noel Rejected Four-Year, $70M Deal From Mavs On July 1

Nerlens Noel turned down a four-year, $70 million offer from the Dallas Mavericks at the start of free agency.

Noel, who was a restricted free agent, asked the Mavericks for a max contract.

Noel signed for the qualifying offer of $4.1 million in late August to end his restricted free agency and become an unrestricted free agent on July 1, 2018.

The Mavericks traded for Noel at the 2017 trade deadline.


Soooo, like WTF? Who is lying? Was Nerlens’ camp trying to drum up interest for their client? Did it go wrong? Did Noel’s people think they could get more on the open market, find out that was not the case, and then come back to the Mavericks, only to be rebuffed by Mark Cuban?

It shouldn’t matter to the Sixers, but Nerlens Noel on a one year deal for $4 mil definitely seems better than Amir Johnson for one year at $11 mil. Noel’s desire to be a starter, however, is something Dallas can offer which we cannot.

It sucks for Noel, who some predicted could get close to a max deal. And $4 mil is a far cry from $17 mil, let alone the $20 mil plus that a max contract would entail. (It’s also just fun to shorten million to mil. Give it a shot. It feels rich. The richest thing to do is to just leave off the word altogether. Like the million is just implied. “How much are they offering?” “17.” God that sounds rich.)

He’s betting on himself with the hiring of Lebron’s consigliere  Rich Paul, and a strong showing this year could indeed result in that big boy contact.

He is still disruptive on the defensive end, and can still finish down low.

And while the Mavericks will be not-good this year, Noel will begin to be able to grow chemistry with the GOD Dennis Smith Jr.

DSJ: already insanely likeable.