Sexy Star Applied A Very Legitimate Armbar In A (Scripted) Pro Wrestling Match In Mexico This Weekend

As you of all know, professional wrestling is fake. You can call it predetermined or scripted, but the point is the same. The “opponents” in the ring are working together to deliver the most entertaining match possible. It’s like a choreographed dance, but the risks are much higher. Bodies are being thrown, slammed, and contorted in such a violence manner that in reality, every wrestler is trusting their opponent with their life. This weekend in Mexico, Sexy Star (known best in America for her Lucha Underground career) took advantage of that and decided to shoot on her opponent, Rosemary, in the ring. Rosemary gave her the arm, and for whatever reason (it truly does not matter), Sexy Star torqued the motherfucking shit out of that arm. It’s complete and total trash and to be honest with you, I’m livid. Fuming. The rest of the wrestling world is, as well…

They put it better than I ever could as people who take these risks for our entertainment. Sexy Star needs to never get booked literally anywhere ever again. Nobody should ever agree to take matches with her. It’s time to find a new career. You want to legitimately fight? Try MMA or boxing. Get the FUCK out of our fake sport. Here’s Rosemary’s full statement:

Thankfully her injury isn’t too serious and she won’t miss much time. Heal up soon Rosemary.