There Is Absolutely No Way This Sign Language Lady Knows What She's Doing

Wtf is going on here? I am not a sign language expert but I’m 100% positive this lady has no clue what’s going on. She’s doing what you or me would be doing for sign language. Basically playing charades. Acting shit out that she hears. All the deafs gotta be furious as hell watching this shit. They’ve seen this song and dance before. They’re onto her. Can’t be entirely uncommon for sign language imposters to swoop in, make a quick buck, then split town before anybody speaks up. Who’s gonna know? Who’s gonna say something? The deafs? With their Chewbacca noises? Yeah right. They start talking about this imposter and everybody fake laughs pretending to agree with what they’re saying. Tough sled for the deafs. Can’t hear (obviously) and can’t find an honest sign language lady to tell them Hurricane Harvey’s about to wipe them off the face of the earth. Sad.