Awesome Video Of Jonathan Toews Making A 4 Year Old's Wish Come True, Skating On The Soldier Field Ice


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(Source) Both clad in the Blackhawks‘ new black jerseys, each with a 19 on the back, the pair skated around one end with Toews setting up little Nicholas with a few passes for goals.

Skretkowski was there as part of the Make-A-Wish Foundation as he has a medical condition called Wilms’ tumor, as well as strabismus, according to He traveled to Chicago with his parents from their home in Milton, Ontario.



Can never get enough videos like this. So awesome. Best Captain in sports.




I initially thought the NHL was  getting into “too much of a good thing” territory by expanding the Stadium Series and devaluing the New Years Day game, but then I saw the set up for tonight and remembered that I’m an idiot. Should be a blast.


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