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Trump Makes It Clear That He Has The Best Nukes

Pretty much our entire lifetimes one of the main goals of world leaders has been global nuclear disarmament. Conference after conference after conference between the world’s nuclear powers about reducing and, ideally, eliminating nuclear weapons from country’s arsenals across the globe. Not because we want to become less powerful therefore in turn allowing others to become more powerful. Fuck that. That’s not the purpose. It’s obviously because nukes are just too fucking dangerous and too escalatory for planet earth to handle. Having nukes is like giving boxers guns — you don’t get an epic 12-round match determined on strategy and training and mental toughness and the will to win, a handshake at the end, and life going on. You get a bell ring, a couple seconds, then everyone’s dead. Not good.

But don’t tell Donnie that. First order of business? Stronger nukes and more nukes. America baby. And we need to threaten the shit out of North Korea with those nukes*.

Who’s got better nukes than Donnie? Nobody. The best nukes, the best golf courses, the best friends, and, of course, the best words…

*Yesterday I wrote about Trump threatening North Korea “with fire and fury like the world has never seen” if North Korea made more threats towards the US. I said this was bad. First, it is bad. Second, to clarify, I was not stating that Trump’s comments on their own were bad or terrible or the wrong thing to say. North Korea is a real threat and he has to respond to that threat in some manner; yesterday he chose the way he chose. Was that right or wrong? We’ll see. What I was stating is that 2 guys with nuclear weapons threatening each other is bad, which it is. It’s bad for everyone. I like to think the death of millions of people pending on the fact that two dudes maybe jumped the gun on some threats to protect their national pride is an unnecessary and avoidable risk.