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Cop Car Makes An All-Time Great Entrance To The Scene Of A Fight

Pop pop it’s showtime! Now THAT is how you make your presence known. As Alpha as it gets. The only thing missing from that video was some glass shattering and the Stone Cold music blaring. Usually when cops arrive to a scene, it usually gets quiet and tense because the chance of someone getting arrested goes up substantially. But this incident didn’t have any chance of awkward silence or cooling heads prevailing. Two dudes with thick accents, blood spouting from their heads and cops already at the scene trying (and failing) to keep the peace.

So that squad car rolling in with moves that probably caused Paul Walker to shed a tear from the pearly gates was a thing of beauty and probably what they teach you in the academy. A little bit of shock and awe was just what was needed in the streets at that time. Sure it could be seen as reckless. But it caused things to go from a screaming match to the shouts that accompany a Worldstar video. Mission accomplished. Even the dude in the white shirt was ranting about God knows what starting whining like a little bitch that the cop almost killed him. If that precinct doesn’t make the entire Fast & The Furious franchise required viewing for all policemen and women, they completely fucked up.