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We Had Our First Kyrie Irving Jersey Burning By A Cavs Fan

So I guess that whole bonfire of LeBron jerseys after The Decision isn’t going to be a one time thing, huh? No matter how stupid I think stuff like this is, I kind of love Cleveland fans coming up with an identity outside of just being sad and angry. Philly fans are savages that will throw D batteries at your head. Florida fans don’t care and won’t attend a pro sports game even if they were giving away free meth. And Cleveland fans burn jerseys for anyone that leaves them (and eat horse poop during parades when their teams win a title). It’s not the greatest look in the world but at least it’s better than the guy screaming that the Browns stadium is a factory of sadness.

Plus you can’t tell me that the sound the girl made when her guy lit the jersey on fire wasn’t sexy. The combination of fire and Cavs jerseys just does something to Cleveland people. And I’m not here to judge. If that’s what gets you off, more power to you.