It's A Damn Shame Boyz II Men Are Stuck Doing GEICO Commercials

How the mighty have fallen. Just a couple short months ago, Boyz II Men got a street named after them in Philadelphia. Now you’re telling me they have to whore out their angel voices to GEICO just to make a buck? For shame. For gosh darn shame.

And that selfish part of my brain is actually pretty happy about this. Because one moment you’re watching Stephen A. Smith rambling on about god knows what, the next moment this commercial pops on and you’re reminded of one of the greatest bands of a generation. I’m never going to complain about hearing more Boyz II Men. With that being said, I just wish it didn’t have to be this way.

I’m not mad at GEICO either. I know they have a product to sell and the best way to do that is to give us the beautiful, beautiful, sweet harmonizing sounds of Philly’s phinest. It’s still just highly disprespectful to even ask them to be in this spot. Usually these commercials are reserved for washed up celebrities who are looking to make one last swing for relevancy. Like Salt N Pepa, and Ickey Woods, and Kenny Rogers. Take one more listen to all of these jams, look me in the eyes and tell me with a straight face that Boyz II Men belong in that category.