MVP Of The Weekend: This Tour de France Motorcycle Cop Bodying Spectators Off The Road

If there’s one thing that’s been ruining the Tour de France over the last few years (aside from not allowing the cyclists to get juiced up on every strain of steroids they can get their hands on), it’s that the cyclists have been losing a war to the spectators for airtime.

I don’t watch every single leg of the tour every single day. But I’ll always tune in on Saturday and Sunday mornings because it’s the perfect hangover cure. Your headache wakes up at 7, throw on NBCSN for Le Tour and you’re already getting in your early morning nap by 7:30. But while I’m watching the race, I’m not looking for the riders to wow me with strategy and athleticism. I’m just trying to see which idiot fans end up causing a massive pile up. But this motorcycle cop? He’s sick and tired of this bullshit and he’s seen enough. So if some tubby asshole is gonna try to run alongside the best cyclists the world has to offer, he’s going to stiff arm them straight to hell.


Made an executive decision and didn’t even think twice about it. “Be the change you want to see in the world”. This bike cop became the enforcer that the Tour de France so desperately needed.

P.S. – Chris Froome won his 4th Tour de France in 5 years.

A couple of things here. 1) Obviously he’s doing some sort of doping. Whether that’s blood doping or “poop doping”, I don’t know. All I do know is there’s no chance he’s clean. And 2) no chance do those helmets give you enough of an advantage to off-set how much they make you look like dickhead. If I saw myself in a helmet like that, I’d have to kick my own ass.