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Introducing The Most Florida Man Of All Time: John Bulla

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I dunno, John. I mean, I’m a huge believer that everyone deserves love but I have a feeling that Miranda Kerr is slightly out of John’s league. I hate to be the one who says it, but John seems a little weird. Something about him seems off. To be fair, we’ve only watched one video, so maybe he just had a rough day. Let’s take a look at a few more.

Having a favorite HSN model is something that I’ve never even thought about. Can you imagine? My goodness. Just watching enough HSN that you develop a favorite model and then the thrill you’d get when you realized that your favorite HSN model was in playboy, which you have a subscription to? I love the respect that he gives the woman by covering the nipple up with some tape. Cant have nipples out on your youtube vidz. Violates your terms of service FYI.

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One more? Ok. One more.

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Anyone who has that type of writing all over the place has to have committed a crime before, right? Not just like a regular crime but some fucked up shit. Something really gross.

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Checks out.

If you wanna hear about the time that John exorcised a demon that made a dude gay, you can do that here. In this video, you will also hear who John’s favorite woman is and who he wants to marry.

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