Tom Brady And Gisele Bundchen Have Finally Been Admitted To Brookline Country Club After 2 Years Of Trying

Two years ago, when Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen applied to join The Country Club in Brookline, members of the primrose playground in Chestnut Hill expressed concern that admitting two such high-profile celebrities would attract too much attention, perhaps even — gasp! — paparazzi, and that would be most unwelcome at a century-old institution that prizes privacy and understatement above all else. So the request was put on hold, and the Patriots QB and his supermodel spouse were temporarily stiff-armed. It was suggested they reapply after Brady’s playing days were over.

I want to fight every single member of BCC right now. Where are you cowards? Come out and face me like a man. Can you imagine the AUDACITY these fucking people must have to be told that Thomas Brady, our lord and savior, would like to grace them with his presence and whack the ball around a bit, that Gisele Bundchen would love to play some tennis in a skirt, and your goddamn response is “eh what if a photographer comes”? I’m livid right now. Beside myself.

People like this truly blow my mind. Imagine thinking you’re important enough to big time Tom Brady? To think that your “privacy” is more important than his pleasure? If Tom Brady wants to be a member at your course, you let him. If Tom Brady wants to sleep with your wife, you let him. Those are the rules of life: there are no rules for Tom Brady and you must do everything possible to accommodate him.