Breaking Down The ESPYs Actually Good Comedy Moments

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 9.47.14 AM

The ESPY awards went down last night. I didn’t watch because, well, who cares. But twitter told me some of the athletes were actually funny, so here are some examples.

Peyton’s opening monologue:

It’s no secret Peyton has natural comedic timing. This was solid, but long, so I didn’t watch it. Just putting it here in case you’re bored.

Next we have Julian Edelman with a nice dig at Peyton:

Unintentionally funny moment: 7 enormous dudes walking on stage to accept an award for “best game speech.” Also, Snoop’s daps popping like gunfire, providing the background track for Julian’s joke.

Next we have Peyton with a superteam dig at KD:

Potentially staged reaction from KD but I’m telling myself he actually hated it. Lighten up, Kevin!

Next, PK Subban having fun on cue:

Promoting sexual assault, binge drinking, and miming cunnilingus all in a 5-second clip. No wonder hockey gets no time on SportsCenter–too dangerous!

And finally, Deandre Jordan joined the act with some solid self-deprecating humor.

Looking super comfortable up there. Those cringe-worthy All State commercials with Chris Paul are paying off and unlike his free throws, that neckline is plunging. Nice job DeAndre.

“You drilled that?”

“Nailed it!”


A montage like this makes me very happy to know we have the best comedian-athlete in the game working at our company. Shout out to Pat Mcafee, who really should be hosting this thing every year.