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Former NASA Engineer Created The World's Largest Super Soaker That Can Cut Through Glass And Split Watermelons In Half

Kind of a random, definitely long video to start the day off. But July is a slow month in Blogland and everything about this video has consumed my mind since I first laid eyes on it. If this guy didn’t make his killing machine look like a Super Soaker 50, I don’t know if I would have even given YouTube my click. But when you design it to look like the GOAT water gun and one of the greatest toys in the history of the planet, you have my full attention. For the younger, #gopresgo crowd, let me just tell you guys that the Super Soaker was a complete game changer when it came out. Water guns were basically just the shitty regular water guns where you plug it up and get maybe 6 inches of fire power. All the other water guns at the time were the bummy kids in the Sandlot. And then came the Super Soaker 50, which was the Benny The Jet of water guns. Pumping the gun made you feel like a coldblooded killer before you doused your enemy with a stream that would make Peter North blush. Toy stores couldn’t keep it on shelves. If someone had a Super Soaker 50, you knew they weren’t a faceless poor and brought the fury in a water fight. The only weapon that could touch the 50 in water fights was the hose. And if you went to the hose, you were a huge asshole (even if it made you feel like the most powerful person in the world). God I miss the 90s. And being young. I definitely miss being young. Fuck it sucks getting old.

Sorry, I lost myself in a pity party for a minute there. Anyway, a quick shout out to this former NASA dude for using his brains for important shit in the world. He could probably be solving math equations in some room like Will Hunting was going to do, but instead he’s out here making a real difference by building water guns that could kill your entire family and wash their blood from the murder scene. He also built the world’s biggest Nerf gun, which has to put him in the running for coolest nerd ever.